Interactive Technical is an established family owned company founded in 1988, based in southeast Queensland. We are an outward looking organisation developing emerging information technologies in open source architectures (XML) for commercial and government markets. Our core products comprise of interactive electronic technical documentation and information systems where machinery, equipment, platforms and their related systems require complex integrated computer solutions for through life support. These solutions are best created and developed within the scope of the OEM during the design and manufacture phase, but legacy platforms with 5 to 10 years of operational life cycle remaining can still benefit greatly from the application of our products.

Our products use open source web technology, which has been and is advancing rapidly. During the last decade many IT systems have been developed that have been quickly surpassed, even becoming redundant before standards and specifications could be written.

Industry leaders
During the last decade information technology has developed at an amazing pace. What was embraced then has now been superseded. Organisations who were quick off the mark are finding their systems becoming redundant almost before they've even had the opportunity to establish specifications and standards for them. Development has been outpacing internal organisational structures. This is especially true of technical documentation and particularly in Australia where development in this area has been slow.

Fortunately, this may have been well timed, because the emerging XML technologies, which had been developing over that time reveal that they're simple, universal and powerful, and are now just breaking stride, becoming accepted world-wide as the industry standard in electronic information systems, for now and into the future. It is upon this background that Interactive Technical is placed, at the right time, with the right technology, with the right experience, to be unquestionably, at this time, the leading expert in Australia in our industry today.


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