With over nine years of professional website design, construction and publishing and four more years in IETM development and maintenance we can justifiably call ourselves subject matter experts when it comes to electronic web media. Yes, we make websites. We can create and publish any commercial web application that might be required. Especially for existing clients where we already hold material for content.

Establishing the content of a website is often the stumbling block of a successful site. Many sites feature fabulously glossy front ends, but are scant on information inside that users really want. Sometimes, sites are overly complicated due to poor architecture, frustrating users who can't find the information they're looking for quickly. Simplicity is the key, keeping things fast and light, well written and concise.

Maintenance of a website is the second biggest problem. In reality, a website doesn't really need maintenance in the true sense of the word, because it won't breakdown. Servers do, connection services do, power suppliers do, but the website's code itself doesn't change unless it's subject to malicious interference, which is extremely rare. Maintenance is really only required when changes are made such as content updates.

That's where Content Management Systems (CMS) come in. They allow site owners/administrators to update content whenever they want. But experience has shown that whilst this method has its advantages, generally it's often poorly done, or never done at all. This is usually because the CMS isn't fully understood. People make mistakes, especially spelling, write poorly or accidentally make style sheet changes that can result in site-wide mayhem. We advise clients not to use CMS and offer a site maintenance/update service instead. We believe that professional websites are best serviced by competent professional maintenance personnel.


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