Notwithstanding the technological development of IETMs, there still remains many valid reasons for using old paper hardcopy.

In some cases it may be due to grandfather-clause legislation, regulation or a variety of other practical considerations. Examples of these are legal documents, aircraft flight manuals and user operating handbooks. Some industries need emergency backup hardcopy for possible catastrophic events or power supply outages. Also, there are common assembly and instructional booklets for everyday items used around the house, where it isn't feasible yet to use electronic media to replace the traditionally accepted paper chits and booklets.

Whatever the reason, hardcopy remains a fact of life and we are expert at fulfilling any hardcopy requirements you may have.

There are many industries today with technical libraries full of legacy paper publications and documents. Many of these serve as historical reference, but some remain in service as daily-use operations and technical manuals. Depending upon the application or relevant product lifecycle, clients should evaluate the need to upgrade the content and convert these assets into IETMs. IETMs can literally pack the data of an entire library of paper volumes into a small compact portable laptop. They can also be placed on a server to run on-line, saving companies space, time and money. We can convert printed matter to XML data electronically in most cases where no original electronic data exists. Where original electronic data does exist, then it too is usually, easily converted for inclusion into a new IETM.

New hardcopy
Where new hardcopy is required there is no problem. Creating original data in XML with electronic graphics for IETM use can simply be transformed into print formats and styles using XSLT and XSL-FO technologies.


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