Legacy Electronic Technical Manuals (ETMs) are common in many industries today. Usually in PDF format, often converted from the original paper hardcopy. They were a step in the right direction at the time, but lack the dynamic interactive features of IETMs. Other major drawbacks of ETMs are their lack of modular reusable data, ongoing dependence on expensive proprietary software and slow loading web performance.

However, in some cases the old ETM is satisfactory for its purpose, especially where the platform or system it relates to is coming towards the end of its lifecyle. In this case it's sensible for clients to stay with the old technology for amendments or reissue of ETMs, which may only be required for a few more years. We are highly experienced at creating PDF documentation and are more than happy to produce these products where required.

Where clients envisage the content of existing PDF documentation is required for a longer term, we can convert any ETM into a fully functioning web compliant IETM. We are happy to consult and advise clients about any conversion projects. Any decision to proceed will depend upon a thorough evaluation of the worth of the project, the cost involved and the intended platform or system lifecycle.

New ETMs
Sometimes people like to stick with what they've got. Whilst we would never advise clients to create new PDF ETM documentation, if that's what they want, then we're happy to do it.

The good news is, we create all new data in reusable XML, which can be transformed into almost any existing or foreseeable format. The XML data we produce for PDF ETM documentation is reusable for inclusion in any subsequent IETM or other purpose. We don't create new data in locked-up proprietary formats unless the client requests it specifically.


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